Trip to California—Part 2

By mochacoca06

Hey awesome readers! Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter holiday? I know it has been such a long time but I am back now and I intend to update more often. I now have my wonderful Macbook pro but that is another blog for another day.

So where did we leave off? Oh I remember……. Staying at the Best Western in Sonoma.

Once we checked in to The Best Western, we made reservations to go eat at Saddles Stake house, which is part of the MacArthur Place Inn and Spa. The food was really good but I wasn’t wowed by the service. We pretty much ate and then left.
Check out the pics.

We went back to our hotel room and hung out drinking one the wines we bought during one of our earlier in the day at Napa.

The next morning is was pouring down raining …. YUCK!! But that wasn’t going to stop us from touring some wineries. I am so glad we did because we ended up liking the wineries in Sonoma than Napa. Also the wine tastings were cheaper and weren’t as crowded as

We started out with Valley of the Moon winery because someone asked us to get a particular bottle of wine there. The wine tasting was only $5 dollars for five tastings. While we were doing our tasting the winery lost power so they had to close. All in all I liked the wines I tasted but I didn’t remember much about how good or bad they were because we had to leave. Therefore, I can’t recommend any particular wine from there.

We moved on to our next winery and one of my favorites Chateau St. Jean! I love this winery from the moment we drove through the gates and the walk from the parking lot into the tasting room I was in heaven. The architecture and landscape were to die for. The tasting was I think $10 or $15 and we must have tasted about 9 different types wines. The guy even got me to taste and like white wine, which is very rare. If you ever you ever go to this winery please do your tasting with Matt! You will thank me later he is knowledgeable and very personable. We were pretty much the only group he had for about 2 hours there and it was a loads of fun. If you go to Sonoma you have to this winery. For whites I will recommend the 2007 Fume Blanc (Lyon Vineyards) and for the reds I will suggest the 2003 reserve Cabernet Sauvignon by Margo Van Staaveren it is pricey but damn good!

We asked Matt what other winery are great and he suggested Ledson Winery. What a great suggestion that was! This freaking place was beautiful!! Matt also suggested we go to his roommate Cyrus who works at Ledson and that was also a great choice. We ended up spending about 1 12 hr there. The tastings were about $15 and the ambience was awesome! Cyrus was funny, knowledgeable, and had a great personality to go with everything else that is so great about Ledson. Lets just say I ended up joining the wine club there. Also, I was beyond drunk by the time we left the Ledson. For wines to try I will suggest the Russian River Valley Pinot Noir 2007 and The Lodi “old vine” Zinfandel 2005.

After the Ledson we went to Nicholson ranch Winery and to be honest I can’t remember the drive there or my time there. I didn’t taste any wines there but I plan to go back since I was the one that really wanted to go to this winery. Here is the only picture I have of the winery.

So there you have it our trip to Napa and Sonoma! We had a blast and I can’t wait to go back again. We went back to Sacramento after we left Nicholson Ranch and we were tuckered out from the last two days.

The style for the day I spent in Sonoma was again jeans, Uggs, sweater and a jacket. It rained the whole freaking day but I had a wonderful time. I loved Sonoma and if I ever get married I am so getting married there.

Next I will wrap up our trip to California with stops in San Fran and Carmel.

 I will be going to Germany for work for about 6 weeks starting the middle of May. After my work obligations are over in June, the boyfriend and I will spend some time in the South of France. Time permitting, I will try to blog as often I can while I am in Europe…. I love Europe!!

Until next time take care of you!

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2 Comments on Trip to California—Part 2

    April 27, 2009 at 5:31 pm (8 years ago)

    You know what? We’ve never eaten at Saddles. Dunno why, but in several years haven’t made it there. Glad you had so much fun winetasting!

  2. Sade
    May 1, 2009 at 8:43 pm (8 years ago)

    Yeah Saddles was ok. Not somewhere I will be dying to go back to next but the food is pretty decent. I will blog soon to finish up the rest of my trip before I leave for Germany.


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